Building and Implementation

We offer construction, reconstruction, and revitalisation of small water reservoirs.

Building and Implementation

Small water reservoirs play an important role in water management and enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Revitalisation can breathe new life into old structures and transform them into attractive public spaces while ensuring safe water resources. Whether it’s new construction or a revitilisation project, we can help you every step of the way. From design to completed construction and implementation, Photon Water can provide a full service solution for your small water reservoirs, pools, wetlands and watercourses. Maintenance and construction of small water reservoirs may be supported by funding initiatives in your area.

Our Solutions

Construction and Reconstruction

We can bring your ideas to life through our small water reservoir and pool design, construction and implementation.

Mud Removal

Removal of mud from small water resesrvoirs and pools.


Breathe new life into your environment with our revitalisation services for of natural water systems, wetlands, and watercourses.


Case Studies

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