We offer a range of remediation services to eliminate contaminants from water and soil.


Safe and effective elimination of PFAS and other pollutants. 

Our remediation solutions remove contaminants from water and soil, leaving them healthy and safe to use. Different methods of remediation are available depending on the site and type of pollutants involved. We have the expertise to assess your needs and deliver the safest, most effective solution. 


A full range of remediation methods designed to meet your needs.

In-situ Remediation

Our unique, patented solution for the on-site removal of contaminants.


A combination of electrical currents and nanoparticle suspension to reduce contamination.

Steam-enhanced Extraction

Thermal technology injecting steam into contaminated areas to vaporise and extract pollutants.

Underground Sealing Walls

Impermeable barriers to prevent the movement of contaminants between different underground areas.

Chemical Barriers

The use of reactive chemicals to induce reactions that reduce the mobility and impact of pollutants.

Remedial Pumping

Also known as ‘pump-and-treat' - the extraction of groundwater for treatment.

How It Works

Every customer’s remediation needs are unique, from the materials being treated to the contaminants involved. We’ll find the solution that’s right for you and guide you through each stage of the remediation process.

1. Assessment

We’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of the site to determine the most efficient remediation techniques.

2. Planning

Our team of experts will create a remediation plan tailored to your site-specific needs and objectives.

3. Permitting

We’ll apply for all required permits and licenses to ensure that all legal requirments are met before we begin the remediation program.

4. Pilot Project

Our research and development team will examine the effectiveness of the technology selected for the site and make any necessary adjustments to the remediation plan.

5. Full Project

The full remediation process will apply the tested and proven technology to ensure the efficient remediation of the site.

6. Monitoring

Post-remediation monitoring will confirm the remediation remains effective. The monitoring program also offers data and management tools for long-term assessment, highlighting any areas of potential concern so they can be addressed immediately and the site remains clean and safe.

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In-Situ Remediation

Our unique remediation solution eliminates PFAS and other pollutants directly in-situ. The process is eco-friendly and cost-effective, as water and soil are treated right in the ground, without the need for the removal and transportation of contaminated materials.

What are PFAS?

PFAS: the Forever Chemicals

Per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) are a group of chemicals used to make various industrial and household products. Some common uses of PFAS are in waterproof clothing, non-stick cookware and fire-fighting foam.

remediation-pfas.jpg (284 KB)Because PFAS don’t break down naturally, they’re known as forever chemicals and have accumulated in water and soil around the world. Photon Water is at the forefront of the effort to address the impacts of PFAS contamination. We engage in ongoing research and development and have developed a range of PFAS elimination solutions. 

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Launching in 2024

Photon Remediation

We’re thrilled to be entering an exciting new era at Photon Energy Group. Powered by years of groundbreaking research and technological innovation from Photon Water’s team of experts, Photon Remediation will soon be our dedicated provider of environmental remediation solutions around the world.

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