Lake Owners

Comprehensive solutions for the management of lakes and ponds.

Solutions for Lake Owners

Healthy lakes help communities and environments flourish.

Lakes and ponds play a vital role in our communities and ecosystems, and we understand how crucial it is to keep them healthy and safe. From the removal of algae to reservoir revitalisation, our solutions can help ensure your water bodies achieve their highest economic and environmental potential.

Why Us?

Our solutions are based on the latest science and customised to meet your specific needs.

Wealth of experience built on hundreds of successful projects.

We are part of Photon Energy Group - a global company with local expertise.

Our Solutions

Algae Control

Elimination solutions for cyanobacteria and green algae, from purely natural methods to ultrasound.

Our Solutions

Building and Implementation

Design, construction and revitalisation of small water reservoirs, pools, wetlands, and watercourses.


Consultation and Project Design

Water management studies and solutions for water systems including smaller reservoirs.


Monitoring Systems

Fully automatic real-time monitoring systems to identify and resolve issues as they arise.


Water Quality Monitoring

Traditional monitoring methods based on water sampling.

How It Works

Lakes and ponds are vital to local ecosystems and allow us to connect with nature and one another. That’s why it’s crucial to provide them with the complex care they need.

1. Consultation

Every customer is unique. We’ll work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your needs so that we can develop a customised solution that’s right for you.  

2. Administration

We can provide support regarding permitting, grants and communication with local authorities. 

3. Solution

We’ll execute your customised solution, inlcuding any ongoing monitoring or aftercare, to help keep your lake clean, safe and flourishing

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