Case Study

High-quality Drinking Water for Prague and Its Surroundings

Káraný, Czech Republic

Repairs and maintenance of collection systems in the Káraný water catchment area.

Customers: Káraný Waterworks and PVK

The Challenge

The Káraný water collection area, located approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Prague, is one of the most important sources of drinking water in the Czech Republic. It has been supplying Prague and other municipalities in the Central Bohemian Region with high-quality water for more than a hundred years.

Káraný Waterworks and PVK, a water and wastewater treatment company, sought to address the problems associated with a large number of older, unused wells in the collection area as well as the ageing of the collection system used for drinking water supply, and the need to supplement the monitoring system with additional hydrogeological wells.

The Solution

We carried out the certification of all wells in the collection area, which consisted of locating them, conducting a technical inventory and assessing their condition, and carried out the repair or decommissioning of older wells.

To mitigate the effects of ageing, we conducted various measurements, then cleaned and regenerated the wells. Diagnostics were conducted before and after regeneration using video inspection, geophysical measurements (logging), water quality monitoring, pumping tests and evaluations.

Several new hydrogeological boreholes were also designed to monitor the collection area. Unique solutions for individual wells were also provided where necessary, which included both design work and the processing of documentation required for permits.

Our ongoing, comprehensive services, which cover the entire lifecycle of water resources, will enable Káraný Waterworks to continue its work safely, efficiently and sustainably, ensuring the ongoing supply of high-quality drinking water to Prague and its surroundings.


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