Photon water launches in-situ remediation technology to clean PFAS contamination in the environment

Photon Energy N.V. (WSE: PEN, the 'Group' or'Company') today announced that Photon Water, a subsidiaryof Photon Energy Group, has made substantial advances in itsresearch and development efforts on its patent-pendingnano-remediation technology, which has already been deployed acrossmultiple contaminated sites internationally, including encouragingresults in breaking down per and polyfluorinated substances(PFAS).

PFAS are globally emerging pollutants with uncertain health andenvironmental impacts. PFAS compounds have been producedcommercially since the 1950s and are thermally stable and highlysoluble. They exist in multiple forms and are often present incombination with other contaminants. To date more than 4,700 PFAScompounds have been identified. They have been used in non-stickcookware, products treating clothing and furniture, adhesives andin fire suppressant chemicals due to their water, oil and heatresistance properties. PFAS substances are highly stable in theenvironment and are very mobile in ground water and soils tocontaminate rivers, lakes and drinking water sources.

PFAS contamination can be found in surface and ground waterassociated with the chemical industry, textile manufacturing, oilrefining, civil and military sites (particularly airports),landfills and other industrial locations. High PFAS concentrationsare also found around firefighting training grounds and sites wheremajor fires have been extinguished using fire-fighting foamscontaining PFAS. The widespread contamination of drinking wateralso poses a serious problem for water utilities serving theircommunities. Increasingly, the PFAS contamination has become amatter of significant public concern and scrutiny in North Americaand Australia, where regulators are reviewing PFAS discharge andcontamination levels in drinking water and food. The European Unionis starting to address this problem and since 1 July 2020 Denmarkhas become the first EU member state to ban the use of PFASsubstances in food contact paper and board materials andarticles.

’We have been successfully applying our in-situ nano-remediationtechnology to sites affected by various and complex pollutantsworldwide. Our technology’s potential multiplied when extensivelaboratory tests indicated that we can break down per-andpolyfluorinated substances (PFAS). We are now deploying our firstpilot project to prove the applicability of our technology toridding groundwater in-situ from PFAS-contamination,’ explains PetrKvapil, Director of Photon Water.

’As PFAS is recognized as a serious environmental pollutant inAustralia, we have been testing the applicability of ournano-remediation technology to this pollutant type. We are workingwith multiple stakeholders to deploy our nano-remediationtechnology to provide effective in-situ remediation capable ofbreaking down PFAS without the need to remove or pump and treatsoil and groundwater. Together with Photon Energy’s capabilities inoff-grid power we are able to deploy the technology in anylocation,’ commented Michael Gartner, Managing Director of PhotonEnergy Australia.

’Photon Water’s primary focus is to develop a partneringapproach with regulators, industry and government to supportefficient and cost-effective removal of PFAS from the environment.Our experience with industrial water treatment, hazardous liquidwaste management and project development will assist the successfulintegration of these technologies into Photon Water’s package ofinnovative water treatment offerings. The removal of PFAS throughin-situ treatment is globally unique, with broad potential forapplication across multiple markets and industries,’ commented IanPhillipps, General Manager of Photon Water Australia. 

’Cleaning up PFAS sites is among the most pressing topics in theremediation industry globally and we are confident that our in-situnano-remediation technology – once successfully piloted - can bedeployed rapidly in the global marketplace. We are truly excitedabout our new strategic focus, which has the potential to quicklygrow into a major pillar of our company while addressing anenvironmental risk to the world’s population,’ concluded GeorgHotar, Chief Executive Officer of Photon Energy N.V.

Photon Energy’s management board has decided to concentrate andringfence all intellectual property rights related to the Group’snano-remediation technology in the fully owned subsidiary PhotonRemediation Technology N.V., based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.Future remediation projects will be executed by Photon RemediationTechnology’s fully owned subsidiaries Photon Remediation TechnologyEurope s.r.o. based in Prague, Czech Republic and PhotonRemediation Technology Australia Pty. Ltd. based in Sydney,Australia.


Martin Kysly
Photon Energy
T +420 774 810 670

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