Photon Water Engineer Receives Industry Excellence Award

Water and Remediation Chemical Engineer Emily Brown has been named Emerging Professional of the Year by the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association.

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Industry Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate some of the very best companies, technologies and individuals working within the field of remediation across both Australia and New Zealand.

The awards are open to individuals, activities and projects incorporating best practices in the land and groundwater industry and can have a significant effect on business. Even being shortlisted for an award can create a positive impact and is a great way to showcase achievements, gain recognition and promote an organisation or project by telling its story.

At least 250 people attended the awards ceremony this year, including industry leaders, CEOs and two senior politicians from the state of Victoria’s premier’s department.

Emerging Professional of the Year

Each of the nine awards presented by ALGA is highly prestigious, and the Emerging Professional of the Year Award was one of the most competitive this year, with around 20 nominees. Amongst those shortlisted were representatives from major employers like GHD and other large Australian companies working in the remediation sector.

The award is presented to ALGA members with less than two years of industry experience who demonstrate an exceptional effort to increase personal knowledge in land and groundwater contamination as well as involvement in advancing the knowledge of peers in the industry and success in their role on a remediation project.

A Well-earned Win

Emily’s win was a result of her energy, enthusiasm and passion for building a sustainable future. According to Ian Phillipps, General Manager of Photon Water Australia:

‘We are lucky to have amongst us a young chemical engineer who is equally comfortable drilling through sandstone, injecting iron suspension into wells on freezing cold and wet days, presenting at high-level client meetings and undertaking high quality technical analysis of our complex results.’

In particular, Emily’s contributions to Photon Water’s work with our innovative in-situ PFAS remediation technology has been enormously valuable.

As well as marking a significant and well-earned milestone in Emily’s career, it was an outstanding result for Photon Water and the entire Group when she was announced the winner of the ALGA Award. It represented a wonderful showcase for our work and technology, and our brand is now well on the way to becoming a key player in the remediation industry.

Thank you, Emily!


About Our Remediation Technology

The process of remediation removes contaminants from soil and groundwater. Different methods of remediation are available depending on the site and the type of contaminants involved. As part of Photon Water’s ongoing research and development work, we have developed a unique in-situ nanoremediation solution to address the growing issue of per-and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) contamination in groundwater.


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