Photon Water announces a trial with the Australian government, department of defence, for the treatment of pfas contaminated groundwater

Photon Energy N.V. (WSE: PEN, the 'Group' or'Company') today announced that the Group’s division PhotonWater has recently entered into a contract with the AustralianGovernment, Department of Defence, with the commencement of a trialphase PFAS remediation program. This program is designed todemonstrate the in-situ removal of PFAS from groundwater withoutthe need for pumping and surface treatment or disposal processes.   

The Department of Defence works closely with industry andresearch partners to better understand PFAS management andremediation options. 

Photon Water has made substantial research and technicaladvances associated with its proprietary nano-remediationapplications. The technology indicates an ability to break downPFAS within groundwater and involves patent-pending chemicalprograms, energy applications and control systems. 

The Department of Defence and Photon Water reviewed sitespecific factors including hydrogeology, soil characteristics,contamination levels and exposure pathways across multiplecontaminated sites. The Jervis Bay Range Facility within HMASCreswell and Marine Park was selected as a site appropriate forPhoton Water’s in-situ nano-remediation technology. 

'Throughout this project, Photon Water’s strategy is todeliver efficient and cost-effective initiatives to remove PFASfrom the environment. The removal of PFAS through in-situ treatmentis globally unique, and we are very focused on working with theDepartment of Defence to demonstrate and verify this technology,support the community, and deliver an environmental andcommercially successful solution,'  commented IanPhillipps, General Manager of Photon WaterAustralia.  

'Nano-remediation is a core technology in our vision ofclean energy and water for everyone. We have successfully utilisedthe technology to remediate sites impacted by chlorinated compoundsin Europe and the results of testing on PFAS are very encouraging.With this trial we aim to prove the effectiveness and benefits ofin-situ nano-remediation to remove PFAS contamination from theenvironment. We welcome the leadership the Department of Defenceare showing in tackling this issue,' commented MichaelGartner, Managing Director, Photon Energy GroupAustralia. 

'Australia is at the forefront of tackling the environmentalimpacts of PFAS pollution worldwide and Photon Water are highlycommitted to demonstrating a technical solution for PFAS with theDepartment of Defence. We are proud and thrilled to work with theDepartment of Defence to deploy our in-situ nano-remediationtechnology in the Jervis Bay Range Facility and to confirm itsefficacy in PFAS removal,' concluded Georg Hotar, ChiefExecutive Officer of Photon Energy N.V.


Martin Kysly
Photon Energy
T +420 774 810 670

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